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Web Development

At Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a state-of-the-art technology company, a whole array of hustle and bustle in relation to the business, goes on unprecedently. That is solely because, we strongly believe in the combined efforts associated with establishment of websites for the World Wide Web (the internet) or even for exclusive networks (the intranet)

Being well aware of the fact that our web developers converge on the overall working of the various websites and also ensure that the demands of our clients are met in accordance to their likings and dislikings, we claim to be the best among the whole lot. Our web developers know very well how to programme a Common Gateway Interface for everything and server-side scripting languages like Hypertext preprocessors, the undertaking of web forms. We have the relevant   expertise in management and supervision of any site running smoothly and effectively. The web development services at Weengle Technologies Pvt Ltd, are cleaved into

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  • The server side  web site development (programming that  influences  the computer hardware system)
  • The client side web site development (pinpoints  on ciphers that  influence the occurrences within the software applications of the visitors)

Web designing is a regimen, in which we are second to none. At Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Our skilful creative masterminds are always busy in conferring and subsequently positioning the text, in such innovative as well as fantastic mannerisms, that our clients draw the utmost attention, to their websites. Also, we ensure that our web designers are competent enough to work on contrasting genres of websites such as text images, animations, videos, audios, other multimedia appendages and the interactivity substance forms.

In keeping with the ever increasing demands today, we utilize the most advanced technology, which is not only of high quality but also of the top rank. We make use of various compression instruments, for the purpose of fast loading. Ours are web 2.0 stationed website designs; our websites are W3C sanctioned and are in harmony with the most recent browsers. Besides all this, the Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. deals in web promotion and web maintenance services. The former concerns with our services to enable people find your site straightforwardly. We are one of the best Consultant authorities in intensifying your web site trade dealings. The latter has to do with the up keeping of your website, so that the visitors reappear on to your website again and again. For this purpose our accomplished experts keep their eyes open to furnish fresh content on your websites.