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Viral Marketing (VM)

Viral Marketing is the use techniques to create awareness of your product or idea in the widest reach possible. Viral derived from the word virus, a microbe that could cause highly contagious diseases. Viral marketing has been made easy and in less cost through the masterly use of the internet, the social networking sites, and even the SMS. Creating a viral marketing campaign takes a lot of experience and courage. A minimum of success in this field is admirable and could propel the campaigner into great heights and long term benefits.

Companies that had made successful viral marketing campaigns usually paid huge amount of money to push through this formidable task. Sony, Samsung, Hotmail, Nike, Burger King, even states, paid expensive marketers for successful viral marketing. Needless to say, viral marketing is a very ambitious endeavor.

Some of the principles of viral marketing employ free services, easy transmission, touching on human motivation, and riding on other resources. A well experienced and talented marketer can employs these principles for your company’s benefits. And because resources of other parties are employed, a successful viral marketing program will bring in tremendous results at a fraction of the usual cost. The key ingredient here is the experience and skill of the marketer.

Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the experience, knowledge and skill to formulate for you a competitive viral marketing campaign.

Social networking sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and more are all very useful in viral marketing campaign. Even the already existing email services are employed. All these tools are adeptly applied to advantage by our team at Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A successful viral marketing campaign creates the most positive impact for your company. New players in an industry can have the most impressive introduction. If your company has been in business for some time and some newcomers had been getting your market attention, a viral marketing program will definitely put your company back in the mind of your precious customers.

Even small businesses that have been maintaining their status with their clientele will be wise to employ viral marketing periodically to make their presence felt. It is important that a business should employ a marketing campaign at regular intervals to show that they still are serious and very much in the service of their clients. Clients should be secure in their relationship with their service providers or they will start looking for better alternatives. Viral marketing is a very good choice for this campaign.

Let Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. assists you in your viral marketing efforts. We are always happy to serve your needs no matter how small or ambitious your expected result may be.