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Facebook fan pages have become highly important tools these days. There are legitimate reasons behind this; it has not been for nothing. Facebook fan pages are now powerful media tools. Previously, especially when they were introduced, people used them basically for fun and a good time pass tool. Things changed. Now Facebook has changed the online marketing scenario. Every big company, shops, merchandise, even the fast food shop across your shop might have a Facebook page where you can find every menu description you would love to eat there. And that is why they have become popular, people wants to get easy information. While being on Facebook is fun, it’s now become informative at the same time. Just log in to Facebook, search for your desired page, and get all your information.

Invite your Facebook Friends to become Fans on your Pages

As a result, people now create Facebook fan pages way more than ever before. But it might not be that easier to many people, because everyone’s expertise in Facebook tools is not the same. Moreover, creating pages is not something you do every day like updating status or uploading some photos. So it’s ok to face some difficulties, and the most common might be how you invite your Facebook friends to be fans in the Facebook page you created.

So are you now in frustration that you have created a page but can’t invite anyone in your orbit? Well, don’t you worry; we have brought the solution for you.
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  • Log in to your Facebook personal account first. The account that you used for opening the fan page and in which you are playing the admin role.
  • Go to your page. Not from the drop down list in the top right where the Log Out button is located. Clicking so will make you post as your page; we don’t want that right now.
  • Once you are on your page, look around for the ‘Build Audience’ button. It’s on the top region, and you’ll find a line somewhere there that you are posting as your fan page.
  • And the next thing is to locate your contacts. If you want to invite the friends in your friend list then click ‘Invite Friends’ and start inviting people from there. But if the page is a company page and you only want to invite your company people then don’t use this option; rather click on ‘Invite Email Contacts’.
  • Next, using the others tool you have to create a contact file. If you don’t already know how to create a contact file then click on the instruction link located nearby. It’ll guide you through building a contact file. Save the file.
  • Next, browse through explorer and locate the file from wherever you stored it. Upload it. Once it’s uploaded, now you get the option to check or uncheck the contacts you want to send invitation to or not.
  • Among all the email addresses you have just send invitations to, only the ones who are in Facebook will get the invitations.
  • Check the box for authorization and click on send. And you’re done! You’ll get two follow-ups from Facebook in an interval of some days to let you know how many of your invited peoples joined your page.

So it’s easy, isn’t it?