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Social networks have been popular since the days of MySpace–in the early years of the new millennium–and perhaps even sometime before that. With a movie about a young billionaire that started a social site from his dorm room (The Social Network) and the more recent proclamation that said social site has more than a billion users, social networking as a phenomenon has been huge in the daily lives of people.

At once a place where young people would spend their time curating their relationships and online images, to the point where even older generations feel the constant need to check their profiles to see what’s up among their friends and peers. But therein lies a problem: if you’re new to social networking, and you don’t really know anybody, then how do you go about making friends. Even still, what if you do have some people in your network, but they always seem to talk about the same things over and over, leaving much to be desired by way of new relations. This article will help you get noticed on Google+ and other social networks.

Getting Noticed and Being Social on Google+

Getting Started

When you first sign up for a social networking site, you’ll be prompted to set everything up via a guided tour. Take this tour seriously and really set up your profile:

  • Add a good profile picture to your account so that people can tell definitively who you are and what you look like.
  • Fill out most of the information asked in the about sections, such as: name, date of birth, interests, etc… You need to allow people to get to know without being too personal.
  • Create links to your other sites (if you have them) so that search engines will be able to find your profile online and increase the visibility of your pages.

After you’ve taken the time to properly set up your profile, add your friends and family; because everybody and their mom uses Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Google+, you should have no problem finding a few people that you know already. If are having problems finding people to connect with or just want to find more people to start talking to then read on.

Join the Crowd

In social networking, there are many users and therefore many interest groups. Join one and start sharing with the members of the group. Google+ has community pages, Facebook has groups and events, and LinkedIn has cliques of their own. Find out which groups you want to join and join them. Once you’re in, be friendly and polite—or just be yourself if that doesn’t work J

Sharing is Caring

One of the best ways to get popular on social networking sites, and online in general, is to share great quality content. People who take the time to enhance and image and create a funny saying are doing the little things that so many people respond too. If you are creative then making good quality content should come easy to you. If you aren’t so left-brained then you can at the very least share content and add to the conversation.

If you follow these simple steps and provide real value to the people that follow you, pretty soon you’ll have a real presence in the social networking scene. Empires are built a brick at a time.