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Database Driven Websites

The websites we come across while browsing the internet are mainly of two types static and dynamic. Static websites are the websites that cannot be customized or edited as per the requirements and the dynamic websites are those websites that are designed in such a way that their content can be either changed or designed and customized according to the client requirements. The past few times have witnessed these dynamic websites becoming the first choice of almost all the companies worldwide. The dynamic websites have gained so much popularity because of the reason that these websites are easily editable and can be edited by anyone having a brief knowledge about the computers and internet.  These dynamic websites are also recognized by the name of a database driven website in India.

The dynamic database applications provide the users with a great advantage that is the user does not need to go for the hard coding of HTML file instead he needs to update the database or file only and the edited content of a website would be reflected. The editing required in the dynamic websites is very easy to perform but for our precious clients we the Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides them with a service tab named as admin panel along with the dynamic websites that assists our valuable clients to edit the databases and files right from the HTML page itself. This feature works as if you have to click the edit button only and change or modify your website content.

Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a web consultancy company that is located in Cuttack, India that specializes in providing these database applications driven dynamic websites. Our web developers are the best and wholly dedicated towards clients services. Our web developers not only help in building your websites but are also committed to provide you with the behind the scenes and complex mechanism of every website they create. Our web developers are pillars of strength for us having an experience in creating the wonderful features for your websites. In the field of dynamic website design and development we provide you with the services that include online catalogs, banner management, online databases and content management.

The web developers hired by Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the hardcore professionals in the field of database driven websites that require the usage of Microsoft ASP/SQL technology. Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also specializes in developing the administrative functions that are required by the clients in up-gradation of their websites with the new services and product launch.